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Kraig Coomber hard at work...

Kraig Coomber started his hang gliding career in 1992 at age 15 after being heavily involved in motocross for the previous 11 years.

Kraig's place of instruction and home site was Stanwell Park located just 15 minutes from his house. Stanwell Park also happened to be the primary test flying site for Moyes Delta Gliders. After establishing himself as a pilot and gaining the confidence of Steve Moyes, Kraig was soon assisting the Moyes team with the test flying of their production gliders.

After completing high school, and with his sight set on qualifying for the Australian national team, Kraig took on a full time position at the Moyes factory as production assembler and test pilot.

With his knowledge on glider manufacturing and design advancing rapidly, a similar impact was taking place on his flying. In 1996 Kraig took first place at the Forbes Flatlands finishing ahead of names like Tomas Suchanek and Manfred Ruhmer. It was after this victory that Kraig began traveling across the globe as a company representative.

His position at the factory evolved towards research and development with one of his more recent projects being the design and development of the very successful matrix line of harnesses.

In 2000 Kraig settled in the US and continued his relationship with Moyes by establishing himself as a Moyes dealer for the Los Angeles area.

In 2007 Kraig was presented with the opportunity of US distributor which he accepted without a moment's hesitation. As one of the world's top ranked pilots and with his extensive factory background, Kraig is positioned to deliver the highest level of service and support on the complete range of Moyes products.


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