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We are pleased to announce the release of the new "Sports Class" wing the GECKO.

The GECKO is designed for the upcoming and experienced recreational pilot. Originally designed to bridge the gap between the Malibu and the Litesport Class, the glider exceeds expectations, in handling just as much as in glide performance.

The GECKO utilises a 50/52mm leading edge construction with 62mm cross bars – all in 7075 T6 aluminium alloy tubing – like the Malibu. The result is that it's very responsive to weight-shift without compromising maximum pos/neg load requirements for certification.

The GECKO sports a sophisticated wing planform, with its carbon outboard dive strut retained inside the 70-90% double surface. The wing is finished off with a radial glass-tip design, allowing short packing dimensions for storage and transport.

Gerolf launching the Gecko

The GECKO features a side-cable/luff-line compensation system like its bigger brother, the Litesport. This eliminates unpleasant wire slack while launching, and at the same time guarantees solid pitch stability without compromising glider performance throughout the range of its exceptionally efficient VG system.

With its advanced rigging system and high performance like "dingle-dangle" hang point, the cable geometry is such that the GECKO lays flat and packs up without any tricks – the kingpost folds forward with enough luff line slack to allow for a straight forward procedure.

The GECKO is currently available in a medium size of 14.4 (155 sq ft), with a span of 9.66m (31.7ft). The optimum pilot weight lies between 72-77kg (160-170lb), though the glider can be safely flown by pilots ranging from 55kg-86kg (120-190lb). The glider's flying speeds range typically from a stall speed of 28kph (17 mph) to top speeds of +90kph (+56 mph).

Tony flying the Gecko


Area: 14.4 / 155 sq. ft.
Span: 9.66 m / 31.7 ft.
Nose Angle 124 Degrees
Aspect Ratio: 6.5
Weight: 29.5 kg / 65 lbs
Pilot Weight range: 55- 86 kg / 120 – 190 lbs
No. of Battens: Top Surface 8 Under Surface 2
Double Surface: 70 – 90 %
Stall Speed: 28 kph / 17 mph
Top Speed + 90 kph / +56 mph

This is the intermediate wing you've been waiting for….
Now in production and taking orders!

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